Sunday, August 29, 2010

you wanna meet mickey

a trip to disney would not be the same with out meeting mickey mouse himself, right? well have i got a secret for you! DO NOT WAIT FOR HOURS IN LINE A MAGIC KINGDOM! I repeat do not wait in a 2 hour line to meet him at magic kingdom. we were going to do that the first year and realized we are not going to wait in that long of a line for hours with several little ones. then our oldest convinced us. it doesn't look like that long of a line so we jumped in, then they push you into another room, and wait, then another line and wait and then you finally see mickey and even though it was fun for kids it was not worth it for the parents.

you can also see goofy, pluto and so on on the streets and you wait in line forever for them too. i never get how parents can wait an hour in the heat to get a pic and a hug from donald duck. maybe it is because i used to be daffy duck at an amusement park and i know it was just normal kids in those suits, but i know it is all for the kids, but still!

so here is one of the best tips i can give on disney world...see all the characters at hollywood studios! {without a wait}! ok you may wait like a minute or two, but it beats the hours you will spend wasting at magic kingdom to see them! you can see them in the animation building. they do not really publicize they are in there nor do you hear people really talking about it. it is the best kept secret. you walk in and there they all are. the incredibles, what ever movie they are currently promoting, mickey, minnie, pluto, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, stitch and many many more. you walk up get to spend time with them because they are not pushing you off to get to the next person that has waited an hour to see them. it is a win win in my book!

here the kids are with mickey and they are extra happy they did not have to wait an hour to see him. mickey had fun with them and posed them too!

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