Tuesday, August 24, 2010

where to start

this a big topic of conversation. as far as what parks to do on what days, i think it is pretty safe to say to do magic kingdom in the middle of the week as much as possible. that being said, we don't. i really like to start and end with the magic kingdom. it truly is the most magical. but honestly i think monday's and friday's and saturday's are their busiest days. as far as the other parks, i epcot is really good at looking busy, but not waiting in lines. they do a great job at having things more spread out and not so congested. i think anytime you go there you will not have a hard time with lines and such. we really like epcot and this past trip i am pretty sure it was our most favorite park to visit. i think because it was somewhat new to us. we don't go there very often, but now i realize it is really a fun place. with lots to do! but like i said you can go any day of the week and i think they will be fine. holly wood studios is really fun too, but they seem to be pretty busy as well. rumor has it wednesday is the best day to go there. animal kingdom is so so fun. they also do a great job of spreading things out so it doesn't feel so crammed in to everything. i would start your trip at magic kingdom no matter what because that is where the magic is and you want that wow factor to start off with. then we did hollywood tuesday, epcot wednesday, animal kingdom thursday and back to magic on friday. this being said. give yourself a break. take a day or two in between parks and enjoy your resort, enjoy a relaxed day together with those you came with. you will need it and then you will not need a vacation after your vacation!

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