Tuesday, August 24, 2010


in may, on our way home i stopped at some lovely outlets. i do not know what it is about outlets, but i love them! i rarely buy anything, i just love looking! this time, however, i did buy something. i actually spent more money on shoes than i think i ever have before, and they are sandals to boot! i went into the sketcher outlet and they had the sandals i saw so many moms wearing in the parks. they are their tone up sandals. go and get some right now. they are amazing. i am not sure if they are really toning anything, but let me tell you last week we spent five days in the parks for open to close and my feet did not hurt even once. not even once. now that is amazing. i have tried all kinds of shoes for the parks. i have tried crocs which actually work nice. they are light and comfy and dry off really well for those water rides and the every day showers disney gets. i have tried just regular ole flip flops. but there is just not a lot of support for those long days. i have tried tennis shoes too, but those are the worst in my opinion. there is nothing worse than wet feet in tennis shoes that do not dry for hours and hours. they are also heavy and you cannot flip them on and off easily. so spend an extra few bucks if you can and opt for these beauties!

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