Tuesday, August 24, 2010

vacation club

andy and i have seriously thought about this many times. for our family we could buy a week of dinsey vacation which you can actually use any where for about the cost of two disney trips for us. i wish we could have done his about two years ago. we are hoping and thinking and hoping we will be able to jump in before our trip next year, but we will have to see.

even if you have no plans ever on buying into disney going to their little open house is a must. let me be up front and tell you they are not pushy little pushers! i have been to those time share things that are exhausting and nauseating. those people are too much. disney has class. they do not push at ALL. it is actually quite fun!! you call and schedule an appointment and you can bring your children because they have an awesome play place with lots of care takers and FREE snacks. they give the kids whatever the want. i am talking good snacks too. then we are free to go "talk". they first tell you what is available to buy into, what they are building and then you do a walk through which is right where you are. They have mock buildings. We went to Animal Kingdom lodge and the new Bay Lake Lodge all within walking distance. You are also greeted with a free bag, books and notebooks. We had paxton with us and they kept bringing snacks to him and coloring books with crayons and stickers. then you go into a room and they tell you the price tell you they will leave you for a moment to discuss and they come back about 3 minutes later say what do you think. then you say yes or no or whatever you want to say and then you are on your way, except before you go they give each person in your family a 15 dollar disney gift certificate. that adds up for our family of 7. they show you out through the ice cream parlor where you get pick whatever you want. then we left. it is as easy as that. and to be honest it was quite fun.

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