Tuesday, August 24, 2010

for my first post

i have three tips i would like to share for my very first post. they are more about traveling that really help. as you can imagine traveling with five kids it is important for me to be organized and on top of ways to travel the most convenient ways.

TIP #1
travel with plastic cups. when the kiddos need a snack you just pour them into the cups and hand them back. they are so easy. much easier than baggies and you can keep reusing them. i decorate them with their names and they just love it. we also take them into the park for apple slices, carrots or chips. it works really well.

TIP #2
name tags, name tags, name tags. so this is a great thing. i get the name tags like the hello my name is tags. i write on there, MY MOMS NAME IS AND HER NUMBER IS and fill in the blank. I put this on the inside of the back of their shirts. I talk with them before we leave for the parks and tell them if you lose mommy you find someone who works there or someone that looks like a grandma and tell her you lost me and show her your tag. my kids never wander so i have never had to use this, but it something would happen I am fairly confident this would be helpful.

TIP #3o
coffee cups are grand! so if you are staying in a hotel and they have those free coffee makers then normally have little coffee cups that are styrofoam with awesome lids that have the little slits in them to sip hot drinks. well in the car when drinking is not always the easiest thing to do for adults much less little ones, these work perfect. we take five and keep them by the drink basket and as soon as someone needs a drink we pour their drink into their cups and hand them back. they do not spill and are way easy to drink out of and keep their cool. it is a lovely little helpful hint!

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