Tuesday, August 24, 2010

for us

three years ago when we decided to go to disney i think we shocked everyone and quite honestly ourselves. what were we thinking doing disney with a 7 year old, two 2 year old's and a 1 year old while i was 7 months pregnant!?! it sounds insane really it does. i was pretty sure we would come back totally exhausted, but i wanted our little ones to experience it and so we did it.

it all worked out lovely. all but the 7 months pregnant part. that was rough, but i am so glad we did it. now i have to say, like i always tell everyone, i cannot imagine going anywhere else with these little ones. yes i dream of one day going on educational vacations, where we can be in nature or learn more about our country, but lets face it with four little little ones, that is not anywhere in our near future! and by the time you go somewhere and pay for a hotel and pay for food three times a day and a museum and somewhere else to use our time up to keep these little ones active and moving it would be far more expensive than disney, so disney it is.

our kids love it. they do fine in lines and if you plan it right you will not wait in any lines, they do fine with the heat and again if you plan it right you don't have to worry about that either not to mention you are really not outside much at all. plus the best thing for us is disney is all about the kids! yes we do get looks and comments, but you expect to see families there, so no one really questions a family with more than the norm amount of kids or a tired baby. it really works out well for us in more than one way as you can see! that is why for us in this time of our lives disney has been the place for us to be!

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