Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Staying on Property

Staying on Property

Looking out our window.  Such a beautiful view!

One of the advantages is not driving to the park.  You hop on a bus or the monorail and it takes you right to the doors of the park of your choice.  It is so nice.  

In the lobby of Animal Kingdom Lodge.

At one of the pool at the Lodge.  So fun.  
If you can swing it STAY on property.  What an experience it is.  You can often times get great great deals.  This past time we went, we got 40% off our stay which is awesome.  We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge again because it is so amazing.  We keep wanting to try somewhere else, but we love it so much there we keep going back.  The pool is awesome, the animals are amazing the s'mores every night by the pool is so fun.  There is something so magical waking up looking out your window and seeing Zebras and Giraffes while eating your breakfast.  So fun!

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